Tiny Fried Egg

The fifth tiny thing is a Tiny Fried Egg.


He’s pretty sure he liked being a raw egg better.

So far it seems that this series could be called “Tiny things that hate themselves.”

20 thoughts on “Tiny Fried Egg

  1. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for awhile now. I really enjoy all of the patterns you come up with. However, this little guy is just the best little thing I’ve seen today and I had to post. I love all things mini and now I love all grumpy mini things too!

    I’ve knit a fried egg before and I think it’s about time it had a little brother.

  2. I rarely comment but I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your daily tiny things. Every one is the cutest ever … and then comes the next day! I loved the little story of the computer and its mouse. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  3. There are good things about being tiny – like being the only one who can fit under the bed for Hide’n’Seek, just like there are for being big.
    We need a tiny optimist.

  4. tee hee heeeeee you are cracking me up! ahhaaaah pun was not intended! laffing harderer ahhh ahhaaaa : ) it’s true. every one loves tiny things.

  5. Oh! I love these! The cumputer and Volcano are my favorites, are you going to have a pattern series for all the tiny grumpy things?
    (*hint hint*) It would be so cool!!!!!! I would knit a village for all of them!

  6. hmmm, “tiny things that hate themselves”… that would make a great title for my childhood memoirs! lol! despite rumors to the contrary, it’s actually not that easy being tiny, and i for one am glad to see that these guys have the courage to admit so publicly. :D
    they are the greatest thing to happen to tiny yet!

  7. poor tiny things. so unhappy with themselves. its like a self concious egg!

  8. Thank you for the nice comments, everyone! Maybe tomorrow we will have a tiny optimist, but tiny pessimists are just so much cuter.

  9. Aww! Don’t hate yourselves, little objects!
    I knit scrambled eggs once. They seemed perfectly fine, seeing as there were 2 or 3 eggs together in there :)

  10. You are hilarious. Love what you make! I think the brain doesn’t hate himself….perhaps he’s a bit insecure though, if he has to compare his intelligence to yours.

  11. I have to concur with everyone on the cuteness– and I think Anna is right, cute pessimists are better! ^_^

  12. How about a:
    tiny stomach with intestines
    tiny book
    tiny chair
    tiny couch
    tiny clock
    tiny lamp
    tiny vase with flowers

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