Tiny Hot Air Balloon

The eighth tiny thing is a Tiny Hot Air Balloon.


They will sail around the world in 80 days! Or maybe to CVS and back in 20 minutes! (The basket is almost out of sunblock.)

I mentioned this in the comments yesterday, but I thought I’d say again that it’s been great getting all your positive comments on the tiny things! I’m very happy to hear that there is interest in patterns. I haven’t yet planned any patterns for the tiny things (I have a lot of others that I’m working on right now)—for now I’m just concentrating on many as many little things as I can come up with. If I do decide to do any patterns, I’ll let you all know asap!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Hot Air Balloon

  1. you should put these on a mobile or something! i like how both the basket & the balloon have faces:D

  2. Like LittleKnitter, I was just thinking the same thing–how wonderful these would be on a mobile! :) How you do it is beyond me! Did I mention you’re spoiling us with this wonderfulness?????

  3. i think this one is my favorite!!!
    this is the first time i’ve seen a knitted hot air balloon! (unless i just haven’t look hard enough, which is a possability – but still this is awesome!!!)

  4. I know you said your not making the patterns, but i want to encourage you to make some tiny patterns available eventually, i absolutly adore them!!!

  5. If not a mobile, then on a Mini Christmas Tree.
    And patterns would be wonderful if you get the chance.

    This duo gets along pretty well and don’t hate themselves or each other! And the balloons colors are cheery.

  6. Really cute little hot air balloon!
    Reminds me of the time I went to the New Mexico balloon festival, I was really young, and I flew in one (it was my first time). Afterwards I got a special pin!
    Ahh… good memories.

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