July 09 Movies

When I wasn’t knitting tiny things in July, I watched a few movies. Here are the movies that I saw and what I thought of them.

In the theater

The Hangover

I had heard from a trusted source (who will go unnamed) that this was a funny movie. Eh, it started out pretty funny, then it got progressively less so. Also, the plot didn’t really work for me, even as a silly comedy plot. I give it a C+. (The plus is for Ed Helms. I met him once!)


In the Loop

A funny and very smart political satire, with not one lagging moment. The best movie I’ve seen in a theater in a really long time. John overheard a woman saying that she “didn’t laugh once” as we were exiting the theater, which was almost as funny as the movie. I suppose she didn’t like the bad language.


I kind of liked this small movie. The acting was done in a natural style and the whole thing was very sensitive. There was one scene that employed horrible tinkly indie music, but since it was just one scene, I could forgive it for that.




Everybody seems to know about Stanley Kubric’s Lolita, but no one seems to have actually seen it, as far as I can tell. So I decided to see it, and I liked it. By far my favorite thing about it was Peter Sellers as Quilty (Humbert Humbert’s rival). He is so great! The girl who played Lolita, Sue Lyon, was also very good. Unfortunately she doesn’t appear to have had much of a successful acting career after this.


You’ve Got Mail

I can explain this one. See, John and I have been watching the reruns of Frasier on Lifetime lately, and because they come on several times a day, our DVR is often set to that channel already when I turn the TV on. So when I feel like watching television at other times and there’s nothing on but a Meg Ryan movie WITH commercials that I can fast forward through… so it just happened.

I totally have memories of my own AOL days, so that aspect of the movie (and the way that the Internet spurs some heated debate in some scenes) is sort of interesting. The rest? Not so much, and really dated, and so what if I teared up a little at the end.