Just Some Glue

This big basket o’ glue at Staples made me happy.


Think of all the things you could glue with that much glue! I don’t remember the last time I glued anything. Glue glue glue.

11 thoughts on “Just Some Glue

  1. Ha! That’s funny. It needs a “I don’t glue though, I knit” sign! ;)

    I’ll bet elementary school teachers would like all that glue because Lord knows we use A LOT of glue in elementary, not so much 8th grade though.

  2. And it arranged so nicely. Looks like someone took a good 10 seconds to set up that whole mess…

  3. Elmer’s glue always makes me think of when I was a kid and tried to perfect the art of making the glue hand. You know what that is: When you cover your hand in a thin layer of glue, let it dry, and attempt to peel the layer off in one fell swoop so you’re left with a floppy glue hand. Ah, to be a kid again.

  4. Hehe! We used to put it on the top of those pencil boxes. They had a little indent with the name in it and we would first color it and then pour a bunch of glue in it. it would dry and become this floppy thing, I guess like a bookmark! It never quite dried and ruined a book of mine though… ;)

  5. OOOOO! Why don’t you knit a tiny glue bottle or glue stick!

    OR a whole basket of tiny assorted glue!

  6. Some interesting glue ideas here! I don’t recall the “glue hand” that you mention, Jeannie. Maybe it was just the cooler kids who were doing that in my class.

  7. Hee. We went to a Staples last night and Dan made me leave before I bought anything… I adore office supplies! We’re using a lot of glue right now because Dan just got into making paper models, so we’re loaded down with various types of glue and cardstock. :)

  8. Since I still go to school, gjue is essential and we have one of those in about EVERY CLASSROOM! It’s intense, and you’d be surprised how fast it runs out…

  9. Like the glue-hand and the glue-bookmark, we would make glue-puddle-rainbows. A plop of glue, then some colour (did we marker it? Pencil crayon? I can’t remember) and more glue on top. Different ones in different colours. I remember lovely translucent, smooth, pastely little blobs.

    Now that I’m remembering, I doubt if they ever actually turned out that way. Messy! Why did my mom ever let me have Elmer’s glue?!

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