Lil Milton Baldee

“I believe you have my stapler?”


CraftyGinger made the funniest Baldee in the likeness of Milton Waddams from Office Space. For the above image, she Photoshopped the sexy glasses and eyes onto him to give him just the right look. Clever!

Now all he needs, says CraftyGinger, is a tiny red stapler. I just might try to make one myself if she doesn’t do it first, though I’m not so sure I could pull it off.

Thanks so much for the test, Kari!

8 thoughts on “Lil Milton Baldee

  1. Thanks Anna! I think you could totally make a tiny stapler, but I’m finally getting to mine after after a long weekend trip to Vegas! Fun!

    Thanks guys! I know the costume was a bit off, but the pattern screamed Milton to me. I know, I am a geek, and it’s okay. Hehe.

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