Hello Brooklyn!

John and I moved to a new apartment over the weekend. We’re now living in Brooklyn near Prospect Park. I’m so in love with our new place and the new neighborhood!

This is the window that my desk is now facing. Those are actual trees that you can see outside! Sometimes there are also actual birds chirping. And look—that’s molding on the walls!


It is all very exciting. And tomorrow we’re expecting two new furry additions!

17 thoughts on “Hello Brooklyn!

  1. haha, I was just going to ask if you were getting cats now that you had moved! ^^ That looks like it’s going to be a wonderful office

  2. Oooh, I love a bay window, and with the molding and the hardwood floor this is perfect!!

    I can see a nice desk and comfy chair, ready for knitting and a spot for the furry friends to look at the chirping birds

  3. I really love the picture of your new apartment. It looks like a wonderfully pleasant place to be. And — a tree really does grow in Brooklyn (I couldn’t resist.)

  4. OOooOOooOO! I love the kittens you got… thank you thank you thank you for rescuing them. I’m sure they have a great home now. I can see cat toys in your future! :)

    btw, our cats (1 yr. old) LOVE anything felted because of the wooly smell, and they love cascade 220. But don’t let them eat it… it can cause digestion problems!

  5. Congrats! I’m just returning from NY, spent 5 days there on a convention, and totally fell in love with the city. Went there so many years ago, and the changes are amazing! Lots of love to you and your (growing) family from Cuernavaca, Mexico.

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