It is going to take all my restraint to keep from switching this blog to the all-kitten hour, all the time. These guys are just wonderful. (And pretty easy on the eye, too.) We got them through the SaveKitty Foundation, which is based in Queens.

They need names, but we’re trying to get to know them a little before assigning those. Another excuse for a kitten post when we come up with them!

41 thoughts on “Kittens

  1. Those little marmalade guys are ADORABLE. While I do enjoy the knitting and your amazing and creative patterns I have to say that an influx of kitty-oriented posts wouldn’t upset me too much. Have they gotten a hold of any of the teensy things? I’ve always thought those would make terrific cat toys!

  2. Sooo cute!!! I love cats, so tell more. If you haven’t already, check out …. very cool stuff for your new friends & new home.

  3. Sooo cute!!! I love cats, so tell more. If you haven’t already, check out …. very cool stuff for your new friends & new home.

  4. Two little marmalade boys! Your life just became much livelier and rambunctious, didn’t it? Yay to you for going the kitty rescue route!

  5. Aw, they are so precious! Seeing your little kittens reminds me how much I want another one. Even though my family has five already! Good luck on the names.

  6. super cute – and gratuitous kitten shots are always welcome – or kitten shots with a finished object, it is like a two-for-one sort of deal (or if there are 2 kittens a 3-for-1…)

  7. Congrats on the new kittens! They’re adorable… and they look quite happy to be in their new home. :)

  8. I love the kitties. It’s great you saved two lives. All of the kitties we have had over the years have been rescues. We have a feral cat right now who is 15. She is deaf and is going blind but she sure knows when dinner is, when her litter box isn’t cleaned to her standards and when I have long fingernails to scratch her with. She’s grumpy but she’s pretty smart. You will love your kitties adventures as they grow up. Very cute!

  9. Kitties! I would not mind kitty posts a bit. I love mine. (Kitties that is) I’m sure you will come up with names. We’ve always given ours old lady names. But, as yours are boys, that won’t work. Congratulations!

  10. I am going to go against my “dog person” mentality and give a big awwww for the kittens. They are cuties!

  11. Glad you finally got your kittens – they are adorable. And I heard that today was National Kitten Day!

  12. ooh, they are soo cute, but I can see the mishchief in their eyes, you’re in for a lot of fun!!!

    I don’t mind a kitty post all the time.

  13. I don’t know their genders, but Nate and Pearl (knit and purl) would be cute, if that fit . . . :)

  14. CUTEST THING EVER!!!! thanks 4 rescuing them. how about a name contest? that would be fun! :)

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