Mochimochi Mentioned on Knit Picks Podcast

I had an awesome surprise today when I listened to a recent Knit Picks podcast—they were talking Mochimochi!

Angela, one of the staff at Knit Picks, had told me last month that she had mentioned me in an upcoming podcast, but I wasn’t expecting such a thorough discussion of my patterns. My designs were also brought up by Stacey, another staff member on the show. How nice! The theme for this particular episode (number 117) was “Impractical Knits,” a genre of knitting that I pride myself on being a part of.

You can hear the full episode, which is hosted by Kelley Petkun, on the Knit Picks website.

You may have also noticed that Knit Picks is contributing prizes to the Mochimochi Photo Contest this year. (This is unrelated to the podcast, by the way.) So be sure to enter so that you have a chance to get some yummy yarn in addition to the other prizes!

4 thoughts on “Mochimochi Mentioned on Knit Picks Podcast

  1. Ooh, I heard that. And now I really want to know how to pronounce Mochimochi… :D

    I thought it was like Moshymoshy, but in the podcast they say Moutyimoutyi and Mouckymoucky. So how is it? :)

  2. I pronounce it “mo-chee,” like the Japanese rice ball. It’s one of those words that I never expected people to have different pronunciations for, but they do! And while we’re on the subject, my last name—Hrachovec—is pronounced “her-rock-uh-vick.”

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