Tiny Bride and Tiny Groom


My big sister is getting married tomorrow, so I just had to make these two for this week’s tiny thing. Congratulations, Leah and Nat!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Bride and Tiny Groom

  1. Hooray for Leah! I wish her the best. :) Your bride and groom are adorable! If I wasn’t married yet, I would totally want those guys at my wedding!

  2. oh, so cute, congratulations to your sister! You could make a tiny hot dog, that would be super cute, Oh! or a windmill!

  3. Aww. They need a tiny broom for them to jump, or a glass to break, or a cake to stand on.

    Or a hiccup-ing bottle of wine or champagne? That one seems to amuse me most right now…

  4. Thank you, everyone! We just got back from the wedding. It was wonderful, and my sis was so beautiful!

  5. I love all your stuff! Have you ever considered selling already made products online? I’m shocking at knitting and i get upset when i can’t finish stuff cause i get confused XD

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