Tiny Chicken


SHHH Don’t anyone tell her what happened to that tiny egg she laid a few months ago…

~Plu~ suggested a tiny chicken in the comments back in July, so another free pattern is coming you way, ~Plu~! (I don’t think you claimed the first one that you got, come to think of it…)

23 thoughts on “Tiny Chicken

  1. ……………………………. Sorry, I just died of cuteness!!!!!

    I used to have chickens, but I had to give them away when we moved…so now whenever I see chicken anything I always adore it!!!!!

  2. Hi! i just wanted to say that I’m a ten year old girl and i LOVE Mochimochi Blog and that I’ve been read your blog for about a year. and your little knitted thing are so cute too :)

  3. Chickens are my absolute favorite!

    You could make a tiny high heel or a tiny snowboot.

    (Joey: im 14 Yay fellow youth Mochimochiland follower!) :)

  4. Tess B and Joey I’m also a “youth mochimochiland lover”. Im 12 though! Right in the middle!

    LOVE the chicken She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t let this chicken come to Oklahoma! Poultry companies are now on trial for polluting our once-beautiful Illinois River. If they put this chick on the bench, Tyson will come out smelling like a rose.

  6. I love the owls and the chicken. But perhaps a tiny dinosaur? I think I would populate my desk with them at work, they could be friends with the slugs!

  7. You know what I’d like to see? KNitted legos. Im addicted to knitting and I love playing with legos. I think that would be a real challenge, and adorable. :)

  8. Oh! How about these in tiny formation:









    which came first? (ha! that would be cute!)





    iPod? (I think that’s already been suggested a million times.)

    Toilet or toilet paper?





    ice cream? (with a cherry on top!)

    test paper? (please an A *crosses fingers*!)


    That is all I can think of right now on 3.5 hours of sleep!

  9. I think I might have a new favorite tiny thing. Chicken is awesome!! I’m glad you did a live one and not a plate of some.

  10. OMG I have to make some of those lol, With my user name they would be perfect as samples of my work lol.

    Am I smart enough to design a hen? Only time will tell.

    As with all your creations, amxing attention to detail and fun.

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