Mochimochi Photo Contest ’09: The Final Vote!

Update: Thanks for your votes! Balloting is now closed.

Update: The voting will be open throughout the weekend and will close Sunday night at midnight (New York time). Thank you for your votes, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The polls are now open for the final round in the 2009 Mochimochi Photo Contest! We’ve sifted through your many comments to narrow the field of 20 semifinalists down to the last 10.

As always, you can vote for as many photos as you want: vote for your favorite three, top four, or more if you like! But choose wisely because you only get to cast your ballot one time. (John will be watching the voting activity and keeping an eye out for ballot-box stuffing to make sure the final tally is fair.)

Simply check the box next to each photo you’d like to vote for, Then click the “Submit Your Votes!” button at the bottom of this post. Check back in a few days to see the winners!

Bold and Beautiful by

campy and the mallows! and mmmmm… by giolou

Batty Bats by DutchMoeder

Breakfast Surprise by lapelote

Disaster strikes the garden patch by wakegu4

Sweeping the Dust Bunny by Bitter-Sweet-

Snails Want to be Bullets Too by mariannes_stuff

Chicken Gang Leader by teekayknits

Halloween Cats by mrs.cheveley

Grassling in his natural habitat by Chubseus

47 thoughts on “Mochimochi Photo Contest ’09: The Final Vote!

  1. Yeah the order keeps changing! How does it change and why does it change?!?!?
    So cool……..

  2. I love batty bats and the snail gun lol. Gotta say that they are all cute though! Great job to you all!!!

  3. I voted for Snail Gun and Sweeping the Dust Bunny. Not very popular picks, but love, love, love.

  4. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL because it’s, well bold and very beautiful! The photographer was obviously an expert. The creativity in the butterfly itself is amazing. Some great embroidery there. Wow… just wow!

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