Semifinalists 09, Round Two

And here it is, people—the second batch of semifinalists in the 2009 Mochimochi Photo Contest!

In case you’re wondering, we selected the semifinalists based on these factors: originality of idea, originality of toy(s), and quality of photo. (And overall cuteness, of course!)

Please help us narrow down the semifinalists to finalists by declaring your favorites in the comments to this post! In no particular order:

Breakfast Surprise by lapelote

Love this guy’s expression upon discovering that his breakfast is hatching. And the pink bathrobe really makes it!

Grassling in his natural habitat by Chubseus


This itty-bitty Grass puts all the Tiny Things to shame! Incredible.

Bats in the Congressional Record by WyoLibrarian


Aren’t the colors great? These are some studious Boos!

Bold and Beautiful by


Awesome embellishment. How’d you like to catch this cute one in your net?

Halloween Cats by mrs.cheveley


The knitter describes them as “Edgar Allen Poe themed cats.” The small one is from The Black Cat, the middle is from The Cask of Amantilado, and the biggest is from The Masque of the Red Death. Spoooky!

Snail Visits Godfrey by 1<3wool pc09_sf16

Looks like Godfrey’s hat is popping right off his head with surprise! So cute.

hi! by mariannes_stuff


The little chicken looks speechless at what has just hatched. A great mod and photo!

Predator and Prey Both Wear a Beret! by doublewinky


Is French Snake too civilized to swallow French Mouse? (Now I have the urge to put all my toys in aquariums and cages.)

campy and the mallows! and mmmmm… by giolou


The knitter’s own goes camping with some friends. Then he starts eating them.

Sweeping the Dust Bunny by Bitter-Sweet-


Look out, errant Dust Bunny!

Congratulations to the knitters and photographers!

Now, which of these get your vote for going on to the finals? Let us know in the comments!

105 thoughts on “Semifinalists 09, Round Two

  1. Once again, all are precious.
    Breakfast Surprise
    Halloween Cats
    Snail Visits Godfrey

    Do not cage your animals! Let them roam free! :(

  2. in order:

    Bold and Beautiful
    Grassling in it’s natural habitat
    sweeping the dust bunny
    campy and the mallows and mmmmmmm

  3. i love the wee “Grassling”. “bold and beautiful” is so beautiful and “campy and the mallows and mmm…”; great marshmallow facial expressions!

  4. my very favorites:
    campy and the mallows! and mmmmmm… (their faces! omg! so perfect.)
    breakfast surprise (his food is problematic!)
    grassling in his natural habitat (so adorable!)

    also, my favorite of your captions: “The knitter’s own goes camping with some friends. Then he starts eating them.” hahahahaha!

  5. Ooh, love this batch! They’re all wonderful. :)

    Grassling in his natural habitat
    Breakfast surprise
    Bold and Beautiful

    Those are my choices.

  6. Campy and the Mallows and mmm – 1
    Bats in the Congressional Record – 2
    Hi!!! – 3
    Bold and Beautiful – 4
    Grassling in His Natural Habitat – 5

  7. This round was harder…but I’m going to have to go with the Congressional Record bats, the colors are just a great match, and the dustbunny…I love the closeup of all those different textures, it’d be a great postcard or card pic.

  8. Bold And Beautiful
    Grassling in his natural habitat
    Breakfast Surprise

    Aah! This is so tough! LoL ; )

  9. Predator and Prey Both Wear a Beret! by doublewinky


    Breakfast Surprise by lapelote

    But they are all so cute!

  10. How exciting to see my photo of Godfrey and the snail included with all these great semifinalists! Of course, I love it. I also have to vote for Breakfast Surprise, which is just too funny, Hi, and Campy and the Mallows.

  11. I love the breakfast surprise ! and the guy’s face discovering it is totally hilarious ! great work of photography and knitting of course !

  12. Ha, I totally forgot I did this one, actually! I just wish I could have submitted some of the newer stuff in time for the contest.

    So if I can’t vote for myself again, my second choice would go to Bold and Beautiful. Such a lovely photo!

  13. Oh, all so fun! In no particular order:

    breakfast surprise
    bats in the congressional record
    grassling (amazing how small this is knit!!!)

  14. huzzah! :D so many great entries! my votes go for:

    hi! by mariannes_stuff (mochimochiland + andrew bird + platypus? *that’s* the kind of stuff that gets me through a day!)

    Predator and Prey Both Wear a Beret! by doublewinky (c’est magnifique! oui oui!)

    Bold and Beautiful by (’cause she’s just soooo purty)

  15. Oh! I am so honored that Predator and Prey Both Wear a Beret made it to the semi-finals! Thank you!
    I vote for Godfrey and the Snail and Grassling. :)

  16. My favorite is the most definitely the precious tiny little grassling in his natural habitat! Gotta love those plants…

  17. super hard choice between grassling and breakfast surprise… but Grassling ftw (for me) it is magnificent in it’s simplicity. and tininess.

  18. wow! If I have to make a choice:

    1. Breakfast Surprise by lapelote
    2. Predator and Prey Both Wear a Beret! by doublewinky
    3. Snail Visits Godfrey by 1<3wool

    good luck!

  19. I love Bold and Beautiful by! The embellishment is to die for!

    Congratulations to all Honorable Mention and Semi Finalists!

  20. oh wow, what a great selection!

    i think my favorite is the tiny grassling in his natural habitat! he’s sooooo small!

    bold and beautiful is super adorable, too!

  21. Thank you very much to everyone who’s voted for little grassling. It feels awesome just to be a semifinalist out of so many entries. I’m stoked!

    My vote goes to “hi!” because it looks oversized, and thus the opposite of mine.

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