Tiny TV


He missed the switch to digital, so he’s been only showing tiny snow for a while now. He wishes he were less boring…

Harper suggested a Tiny TV back in July, so Harper gets a free pattern!

17 thoughts on “Tiny TV

  1. Hi, any chance you can knit a teeny, tiny wheelchair? My sister has had both legs amputated due to complications from Diabetes and she loves all the miniatures you do. She would be so tickled. Thanks. We love your blog!

  2. Wait Wait Wait!!! Now you have TWO tiny TV’s!!!! Doesn’t anyone except me remember TV guy back in 07??? I know it was over 2 years ago…but come on! How can no one remember him??????????????????????????????

    I think its time tiny TV and TV guy go on a quest for 2 converter box’s! (Note TV guys antennas!

    TV GUY!!!!! *Ahem, CLICK THE LINK* (You KNOW you want to!!)



    knittedteacups, proud remember-er of TV GUY!!

  3. Oh, I had the CUTEST idea for a tiny thing….

    A TINY WALLET (with some $ perhaps??)

    And you could use one of these to describe his sadness!

    “He sad because everyone keeps trying to steal him!”

    “He’s sad because everyone says he’s half empty, but he prefers the term “half full”!”

    “He’s having a tiny crises because someone just told him he’s not genuine leather!”

    “He’s sad because no one made him a tiny gas mask, that back pocket he’s been in for the past 2 weeks reaks! (He’s says his owner eats a can of beans every morning!)”

    He’s sad because he doesn’t like the color green, “why can’t money be orange??” now you know why all your money is missing.”

  4. I like tiny tv! He’s smaller than an i-pod, and so perky with his little rabbit ears! Cheer up, tiny tv, you may have a place of honor at the Smithsonian Museum some day soon (next to the tiny record player)!

  5. aw! he missed the switch! poor little tv. (suggestion of cute hoilday-ness: tiny turkey. one that doesn’t want to be gobble gobbled. (I don’t eat bird meat.))

  6. Oh, so cute! I love all the tiny things, but this guy and the pancakes (with their little pale bellies!) are just too adorable for words.

    As far as suggestions go, how about a tiny snowflake? He misunderstood when you said the tiny TV has been showing tiny snow and thought he might find somewhere he belongs.

    My other thoughts: A tiny bar of soap could be pretty cute, complete with bubbly lather. Or what about a tiny hedgehog? I’d love to see how you would make his tiny spines!

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