Random Acts of Holiday Hearts

For lack of a better introduction (holiday travel has sapped my writing powers today), here is a very heart-warming holiday project I heard about through Ravelry!

miffygirl knitted up a bunch of Hearts with two friends, tied them up with candy canes and holiday notes…


…then left them in random public places in their city for others to find!


You can read more about their holiday “random act” (which included other knits left around town) and see more photos on miffygirl’s blog.

I love this idea of spreading Christmas cheer to strangers. My husband’s family has a similar tradition, and I have good memories of the two of us leaving small toys with holiday messages attached around our city in Japan one December. We weren’t sure what the people who found them would think, but it certainly got us into the spirit of Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Holiday Hearts

  1. that is so awesome! I once found an Easter basket outside my front gate and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was a tiny little basket with a few pieces of candy and a few stickers. so cute!
    I’m sure whoever finds those hearts will just be tickled!

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