Tiny Alarm Clock


Those bells annoy him too! You can sleep in, for all he cares.

Becky was the first to suggest a tiny clock way back in July, so she gets a free pattern from the Mochimochi Shop!

16 thoughts on “Tiny Alarm Clock

  1. Andrea—the first set of Tiny Things patterns is coming to the Mochimochi Shop soon! (I’m hoping to start the pattern testing process today, in fact!)

  2. I love all your tiny things, they are just adorable and have such great detail. I would love to see some holiday tiny things like a tiny santa or tiny rudolph or tiny elf!

  3. Cute! I don’t know if he’s loud enough to wake me up, though.
    How about
    an envelope
    an old fashoined camera
    a playing card
    a mug of hot cocoa
    a softball glove
    a tiny snowflake
    a little house
    / \
    | |

    I’m starting to forget everything that has been suggested!

  4. How about a tiny:
    dragon- “This little guy gets teased a lot because he can barely light up a matchstick”
    sweatshirt/ hoodie

  5. oops- didn’t mean to post that I wasn’t done:

    sled- “wishes for a vacation to florida where there isn’t snow”
    chair- “he really hates seeing everyones butt all the time”
    sweatshirt- “this little guy takes pride in keeping you warm”
    pizza- “He wishes he were from Italy rather than a delivery place”
    burgular- “watch out for him… he’ll steal your stitch markers!”

  6. since everyone is suggesting stuff…
    a tiny cheese
    a tiny cell phone
    a tiny typewriter
    a tiny paintbrush
    a tiny candy cane
    a tiny lightbulb
    a tiny seastar!

  7. I just found your blog and looked through all the tiny things you’ve been knitting – so cute! My favorites are the frog, the chicken, the trashcan and the toothpaste.

    I have some suggestions:
    video game controller
    bottle of glue
    train car

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