Awesomely Strange Botan Rice Candy Sticker

A couple months ago I picked up a box of Botan Rice Candy. It did not disappoint in the sticker department!


It appears to be a bunny selling ice cream behind a counter. I get that the pink thing on its head is part of the (red?) uniform of an ice cream seller, but what’s the white thing under it—bangs? The fluffy tail of another, smaller bunny hiding under the ice cream seller bunny’s hat?

Botan Rice Candy stickers always seem to raise more questions than they answer.

15 thoughts on “Awesomely Strange Botan Rice Candy Sticker

  1. I Wonder if the plant is too close to the counter?
    As for the white stuff, I’d go with hair in a quiff style.
    Whats the white box on the right? The till?

  2. I think the white box is either :
    the cash register
    A card telling you flavors

    It’s in front of the counter, but behind the bunny!!
    AND IT’S CHIPPED!!!!!!!

  3. Hahahaha! Cute!
    Mom went to the Asian market today but couldn’t find Botan there. :( We’ve purchased it there before…

    I think the green ice cream looks pretty disgusting- booger flavour anyone (or possibly spinach)?

  4. Could also be mint ice cream?
    lol – knittedteacups – yeah I didn’t notice the chip.
    Also well pointed out – Seanna Lea, how does he reach the ice cream lol

  5. tropicalgirlknits- YOu can get Botan Rice Candy at Safeway in the Asian food section, if it’s there. If they are there, try some Pockys too!

  6. Your hypotheses for the white thing under the pink thing made me laugh so hard! And your conclusion was just as good.

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