New X-stitch Pattern: Cute is Always in Season!

Update: Thank you to Natalie at the CRAFT blog for posting about my new patterns!

Cold winter weather got you down? Beat the seasonal-affective-disorder blues with a cute new cross-stitch pattern, now available in the shop!


The pattern is written as a chart with symbols indicating colors. A full list of supplies needed and tips for beginners are included.

Buy the PDF pattern for $5 right here!

9 thoughts on “New X-stitch Pattern: Cute is Always in Season!

  1. Oh! I see it! How cute! :)
    My personal favorite- October (which so happens to be my b-day month too!)

  2. I bought this today and started on it — a lot of fun. I usually lose my patience with cross-stitch but I think I’ll maintain it for this one. It’s too adorable not to.

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