21 thoughts on “Tiny Carrot

  1. This is very lovely. I’m thinking it would make a great button, if one could fit a plastic bead or something inside sturdy, for stability.

  2. Oh, that is an absolutely fantastic Tiny Thing! I was looking at a catalogue that had crocheted stitch markers… How amazing would it be to knit a Ninjabun using a tiny knitted carrot as a marker?

  3. SO CUTE! I can’t fathom how you can knit something SO tiny! I’m still attempting your “which came first pattern” and it’s a challenge for this newb… I simply LOVE your stuff.

  4. I love it! I could see these honestly as pins or earrings too! And like so many others, he does seem to be in want of a tiny bunny!

  5. This very much charmed me! What is next? lol I know! How about that childhood game of “Operation” with parts and all. Minus the loud buzzer! lol

  6. Awwww! That is absolutely adorable! Chock full of vitamin A, I agree! :)

    Well if you do a tiny carrot, how about a tiny slice of cake? The carrot and the cake could be BFF’s, as in carrot cake! hehehe!

  7. super cute, i love him. you could make an array of tiny vegetables like tiny eggplant, broccoli, tomato etc… (:

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