Valentine’s Pattern Peek

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me! That’s why I’ve never really come out with a love-themed pattern in time for the holiday. (I published my Hearts pattern on February 12th in 2007, and Luvgun debuted way out of season.)

This year will be different! Last week I got a sudden urge to do a super-cuddly pattern for this February, so I spent a few days frantically designing and knitting. It’s now being tested, and will be coming soon! Here’s a little peek.


12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Pattern Peek

  1. OMG! when is it coming out?? *crosses fingers it will be soon*

    from this picture, i already WANT!

    it looks like a pink thing hugging a little white thing. :)

  2. Could you please do a simple tiny free pattern or at least an intro to DPMs? I’m 12 and new to the wonderful world of knitting and I lack the experience to do anything but the snails/slugs and the toilet paper! I lust to do everything on your site!

  3. So great to see some positive feedback! This was really a last-minute inspiration, so I’m glad you guys like what you see. I’m planning to release the pattern in the shop next week.

    Athena, you are right on my wavelength—I have been wanting to make some how-to videos for using DPNs for a while now, and I’m hoping to do them soon! I hope you’ll give DPNs a try. You can also find helpful videos here:

  4. Ahh! You’re knitting patterns are sooo cute!! I love them all!
    You’re so talented, and I definitely am going to make some of them!
    Now which one to start…

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