A Groundhog Day Adventure

Here it is, Godfrey’s day to shine!

Unfortunately, this little groundhog was in for a surprise this morning when he poked his head out of his mound to survey the shadow status. A giant furry beast snagged him!




Fortunately the beast just wanted to play, then go eat some cat food. Godfrey was left unharmed, but after that ordeal he can’t remember if he saw his shadow this morning or not.

Happy Groundhog Day!

12 thoughts on “A Groundhog Day Adventure

  1. Cutest kitty EVER! :) I can’t wait to show Dan when he gets home – he desperately wants a cat (he’s finally gotten over the death of his love-cat, Molly, after 4 years) and he’ll be tickled by these photos!

  2. SO CUTE!!!! i feel selfishly happy godfrey was attacked because these resulting pics are just so darn cute! :)

  3. No, he was just stretching his paws out extra big while I was taking these pictures. He was actually having a great time and kneading the air! I guess he likes being a model.

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