Tiny Telephone


This one won’t take messages, or look up a phone number, or find you directions. What does she look like, your secretary?


Many people have requested a Tiny Telephone in the comments, but Harper was the first to do so, back in July of last year. Free pattern coming your way, Harper!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Telephone

  1. I love the little phone. Of course, seeing this phone makes me wish for a tiny version of the Get Smart shoe phone. My husband would explode to see that!

  2. my daughters were just asking me about the phones i had back in the “olden days” when i was growing up… surprisingly, they think the phones like “tiny telephone” are the most awesome ever and they wish we had one with a dial and everything! hilarious!

  3. I think that’s my favourite ever little thing! I have a 1960s phone. They’re ‘proper’ phones!

  4. There’s just one puffy pattern, and it’s for the three dimensional guy. The location shot my photographer got of it is really cool!

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