Tiny Asparagus


This flirty fellow tries to pick up girl veggies with his “Kiss me, I’m an antioxidant” t-shirt (not pictured).

Tracy suggested I make an asparagus in the comments in January, so she gets a free pattern!

23 thoughts on “Tiny Asparagus

  1. haha, i love it! antioxidants are awesome [though i dont really like asparagus…but blueberries are amazing]

  2. hi i love all your patterns its too bad i havent bought anything from the shop but i have a few suggestions:
    a tiny pencil
    a calculator
    a CD
    a clock
    a small house

    hope you really like these ideas and come up with a few more patterns!!!

  3. How darling is that!?? I love asparagus! Wow. I’m so flattered you created something after my mere suggestion! You made my week :-) I certainly hope you had fun creating it :-)

  4. I think this one is my favorite. It reminds me of a set of vegatables-with-eyes salt dough fridge magnets my grandma had. awesome.

  5. i LOVE the asparagus? He is so cute and springtime-like. Thanks for adding some greens to the day.

  6. that is so cute! love the 2 toned colors.

    how about a:
    tiny textbook
    tiny flashlight
    tiny swing set (or tire swing)
    tiny tire
    tiny lipstick
    tiny dollar bill
    tiny vase with flowers
    tiny t-shirt
    tiny school bus
    tiny roll of tape
    tiny beach
    tiny bike
    tiny scooter
    tiny printer
    tiny piano
    tiny llama
    tiny purse
    tiny eight ball

  7. Looove the tiny asparagus. I’d like to make a whole field of them in honor of spring! Too bad my actual yard will likely be full of tiny dandelions soon.

  8. your asparagus is soooo cute!!!
    here are a few more suggestions :
    a tiny lemon with a sour expression on its face
    a piece of broccoli
    curly fries
    salt n pepper shakers
    an i-pod
    blobs of goo
    ice cream cone
    ice block
    a bottle of wine(still too young to drink)
    and what about a tool set???

    consider these! i would appreciate it!

  9. oooh just had the perfect idea!

    a tiny statue of liberty or anything close looking to it! :c)

  10. I LOVE this one! Your description is even better – thanks for the laugh! =)

    Now can you create a tiny artichoke? (my favorite vegetable)

  11. tiny bowl of fruit???

    tiny living room (complete with tv, couch, lamp, and maybe a shelf?

    tiny dehumidifier? (i think thats how you spell it)

    tiny palette

    ooh and i love tropicalgirlknits’ idea of a tiny vase with flowers.

    would also like some more free patterns on the blog too….

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