Tiny Cow


She udderly despises puns.

Christy suggested that I make a Tiny Cow in the comments back in July last year, so she gets a free pattern!

27 thoughts on “Tiny Cow

  1. My mom, inadvertent collector of all things cow, needs this! I hope it makes it into one of your tiny pttern collections!

  2. Thanks for the bovine love! It’s hard to resist a Holstein, isn’t it?

    AuntSara, the third tiny collection will probably be in a few months—in the meantime, I have an exciting new cross-stitch pattern to release and a tech-y (non-tiny) knitting pattern coming up too!

  3. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now, and I was wondering: Would you consider making a tortoise/turtle/terrapin pattern as part of your next tiny things collection???

  4. awww good thing Tiny Cheeseburger was made of soy or I’d be feeling a little concerned for Tiny Cow’s future. She kinda looks like her little legs are collapsing under her weight, like she’s been eating full-size Grass, maybe?

  5. hi that pattern reminds me of a pattern for a tiny mouse i made up. let me know if u wanna know more anna
    love your blog! awesome cow!

  6. I COMPLETELY agree with Seanna Lea!! My mom loves cows, and she needs this ASAP!

  7. Aww I love the cow. I second the happyness she won’t end up as a tiny cheeseburger. Would you consider making a tiny chemistry set with little beakers and test tubes next?

  8. I just had a funny thought: I am picturing the tiny knome and tiny cow together! : )

  9. Why do I have the image of Ben Stiller trying to milk this tiny cow? Squee, squee. I love it!

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