18 thoughts on “Tiny Things Collection 2 Coming Soon!

  1. vacuum cleaner, lollipop, baby and lion? or maybe the third one is a three legged chicken…

  2. Aw you got them ALL right! I guess that was too easy!

    Now you have me contemplating three-legged chickens…

  3. I used to stop at a fried chicken place and get what I called “The Chernobyl Special” — two breasts, two wings, three legs — because that’s what the family liked to eat.

  4. Oooh! I’m so glad you’re putting out the lion! My husband has been obsessed by that since he saw your factory containing them. He wants one soooo bad!

  5. This guessing game is too easy!! Give us a challenge!!!!

    I tiny bathroom sink\vanity would be so cool!!

  6. i was just thinking tiny wellies would be cute… did someone already suggest that? or a tiny wheelbarrow? tiny garden hose? good gosh i’m ready for spring…

  7. i was hoping for the gnomes to be in this collection :( but i am still have to have it! the lions are just too cute!!!

  8. Here I was trying to guess ones you hadn’t already made, and so I was going for a frying pan for the second one!

  9. I love these! The third from the left is a spitting image of our fat cat, Sasha, resting on her tum.

  10. i’m still amazed people are guessing when it was already said in the first comment…

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