Cute Yarny Bunnies

I’ve been hearing from some designers of crafty bunnies this week, which is great! Here are three worth our admiration.

This bunny has a wonderfully minimalist fashion sense.


Barbara Prime of Fuzzy Mitten designs the sweetest knitted animals. The above cutie, named Noisette, was made from her Scraps Chaps pattern. (Check out Barbara’s full Flickr page for more beautiful photos of her beautiful toys.)

This bunny is cute in an “I’m gonna stomp on your city” kind of way.


Keri crocheted it as part of her ongoing series of Godzillas. There are a couple (non-bunny) Godzillas available in her Yarnmageddon Etsy shop right now. Awesome!

And here is a bunny that could maybe stand to eat a carrot or two!


Chrissy of CraftyCripple modified her Skinny Kitty pattern to make this trim bunny. It was a Christmas gift for a friend’s little girl last year, she says. I bet it is getting lots of love.

Thank you to Barbara, Keri, and Chrissy for multiplying the bunnies!

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  1. the way Noisette’s feet are positioned reminds me of a fashion model somehow. awesome rabbits! :c >

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