Tiny Chair


He just dealt with a mid-life crisis by getting reupholstered.

gardienne suggested a tiny chair in the comments way back in July of last year, so she gets a free pattern!

15 thoughts on “Tiny Chair

  1. Cuuuuuute! It does need living room buddies! A couch and tiny pillows!

    I think you need to make a tiny toaster with toast.

  2. Amazing! I love furniture! What about appliances? Can you do a toaster or a refrigerator or maybe a blender?

  3. Hi Anna
    I just found your site via Eskimimi and because of the knit and crochet week.

    anyways, I ADORE your tiny little knitted “things”.

    they are killing me!

    just wanted to say HI!

  4. love it! I would really like to see:
    tiny milkshake
    tiny pencil
    tiny microphone
    tiny Marie Antoinette

  5. ohhhhhhhh i love your site. so very much.

    may i suggest a tiny gnome? ^-^

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