Why Does the Sun Shine?

Last year They Might Be Giants released a cool new video for Why Does the Sun Shine?, which is on their new kids’ album Here Comes Science. The video was animated by Hine Mizushima, who makes the most amazing needle-felted creatures. (You can see her work in Lost at Sea next week.)

So much fun!

I was listening to an old Radiolab podcast the other day, and they pointed out that this song, which was originally written in the ’60s, is a bit inaccurate because the sun is a plasma and not a gas. Oh well—it still rocks.

6 thoughts on “Why Does the Sun Shine?

  1. Sounds like inspiration to knit some mini sun and planets. or perhaps a space shuttle or the death star. or am i completely insane? lol

  2. They actually have another song called “Why does the sun REALLY shine” which corrects the issue! (it happens to be on the album you listed above).

  3. Oh, I forgot about that. Not quite as easy to sing along to, but kudos to them for the clever fix!

  4. I love this! I visited Louisville back in December and Molly’s partner Dan gave me the CD with videos. I somehow missed this one! Thanks for sharing it! Now I have to dig out the CD and see what other ones I missed!

  5. This was a great video! I particularly enjoyed the character playing the theramin. I’ve always loved this song, even if it is inaccurate.

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