The Definitive Botan Rice Candy Sticker

Today I randomly came upon Botan Rice Candy at Sunrise Mart, and so I had to buy a box. It turned out to contain what just might be the best-ever Botan sticker. Ever!


Let us take a moment to reflect on what makes this sticker so perfect. Weird anthropomorphic animal: check. Almost-normal-but-really-quite-baffling activity: double check. This bunny (who does not seem to be related to the ice cream-vendor bunny who showed up on the last Botan sticker I got) is using a computer, and giant doughnuts and candy are spewing out of the screen. What’s going on here? Is the bunny ordering doughnuts and candy online, or just enjoying some food porn? We don’t know. But the bunny is clearly DELIGHTED by the activity. Now that I think about it, maybe the sweets are meant to be a metaphor for how personal computer use is addictive and fun and terrible for you. Poor bunny has a problem.

It seems that I’m not the only person who enjoys obsessing over the stickers that come with Botan Rice Candy. I got an email the other day from someone who has a blog dedicated to them called The BRC Gallery. Go Internet!

10 thoughts on “The Definitive Botan Rice Candy Sticker

  1. Um, that’s awesome. What do the packages look like? I totally need to try my hand at finding such a fabulous sticker the next time I’m wandering the aisles at an Asian market looking for takoyaki mix.

    Mmm…stickers and takoyaki…

  2. You can see a photo of the box in this post. The candy is really good, too— it’s a sweet gummy with a cellophane-looking rice wrapping that you can eat!

  3. That brings a tear to the eye. Sublime. I appreciate how you shot it like the monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey because it really is that important to the universe. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Hmmm… I think that’a an office worker bunny on a diet who’s obsessing about sugar treats and can only enjoy them by looking at pictures online (because if the goes downstairs to the convenience store she might end up buying doughnuts and candy instead of apples.) Ooops! is that a sticker, or my life?!

  5. I miss Japanese sweets. It was just so easy when I was within walking distance of Kotobukiya, but now they are north of the city (Boston) and I am south. So far to go. Maybe I’ll just order from the internet instead.

  6. Compared to the stickers on the BRC Gallary, that IS the best sticker!!!

    You should laminate it and use it as a bookmark (or a necklace :)

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