Where Lawn Gnomes Are Born

I’m spending this week with my family in Oklahoma, for pleasure and also for a fun kind of business—more toy photography with the talented Brandi Simons!

Now that I live far away, it’s fun to return and discover new things in the Tulsa area that I’d never known about. Like the Skiatook Statuary, where I went with my dad the other day. It seems that if you have a lawn statue or fountain, it’s not unlikely that it came from this place. Even if you live in Russia, apparently!


It’s difficult to capture the size of the place or the number of statues on the grounds, but it is extensive. Cute, tacky, creepy, basket-y—they’ve got it all.


Gnomes abound, of course.



There was so much, and every type of statue came in so many different variations, that it was hard to focus on any particular one for long, and absolutely impossible to see them all. But my pick for most creepy-cute was this bunny bench.


And the ugliest thing I could find was this fountain, which might be specially designed to keep solicitors away.


I could have spent a couple of hours looking at everything, but there were Mother’s Day gifts to shop for. (Tragically, none of the Skiatook statues fit the bill.)

9 thoughts on “Where Lawn Gnomes Are Born

  1. There are a couple of masonry shops in my neighborhood, and while they mostly concentrate on headstones there are some benches and other things.

    The place closest has a bunny bench, but unlike that creepy version this one is two bunnies on their hind legs holding the bench. Much less ooky.

  2. I’d love to go there. In general, I’m deathly afraid of statues of angels (don’t ask) so I’d have to really conquer my fears if I was to go there :(

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