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I’m so excited that the release of Knitting Mochimochi is now just two weeks away! It was a full year ago that I turned in all of the materials for it, so it feels like I’ve been waiting forever and the wait is almost over!

I have a few updates about it that I wanted to share with you because there is a lot going on.


Signed copies
I will be selling some signed copies here on my website! I would have announced this sooner, but it was only recently that I was sure about it. They’ll be in the Mochimochi Shop starting June 29th for $20 plus shipping, and will only be available for shipping within the US. (But if you live elsewhere and really want a signed copy, I may be able to do international shipping on an individual basis.)

Free pattern
If you’re on Ravelry, you may have noticed that the Baby Gators pattern from the book is available for free! You can get the pdf pattern from CrafterNews right now, and I’m also going to publish it here on the Mochimochi Blog soon.

Release party
There will be a little release party/trunk show at Brooklyn General on July 11th (a Sunday), 2-6 pm. If you live in the New York area, I would loooove to see you there! It also happens to be right around my birthday (July 13th), and for my birthday I want people to show up on the 11th. Please come!

I will also be at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC on July 27th for a signing!

Interviews, giveaways, and such
There are a few fantastic websites and blogs who are going to help spread the word about Knitting Mochimochi with some reviews of the book, interviews with me, and giveaways. I’ll keep you updated about those when they happen!

16 thoughts on “Knitting Mochimochi News

  1. I am so excited, I was just reading this entry this morning and then a few minutes ago my Amazon account emailed me to let me know it was available for pre-order!

  2. Gah! I’ve been waiting and waiting and it’s so close I can feel it! So stoked in this!

  3. It’s so nice to know that you all are still excited about the book! I kind of feel like it’s all I’ve been talking about for the past six months, so I’m glad not everyone is sick of hearing about it yet. I’m just way too excited!!

  4. I`m so happy to hear about the signed copies, I had sort of thought of emailing you to see if there was any chance for it… I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for years and totally admire what you’ve accomplished since I started following you… I live in Honduras and I REALLY want it so it was good to read the last bit. Though I dunno when I’ll have money for it, since I have lots of stuff going on at the moment… I hope I can get one :) I`m soooooo very excited and glad for you!

  5. If I’m staying in NYC this weekend I’ll definitely make the trek out to Brooklyn! You’re book looks adorable!

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