Tiny French Fries


Contrary to popular belief, their French is really quite terrible. Quelle horreur!

Many of you have suggested that I knit some Tiny French Fries, but Linsy was the first to do so last July, so she gets a free pattern!

15 thoughts on “Tiny French Fries

  1. Omg omg loving it :) :) still deciding which pattern i should choose! Thanks JEEJ!!

  2. Ha! I love it!! You should make a tiny soft drink and put the pattern in the shop along with tiny cheeseburger and fries!!

  3. Seeing this makes me want to see a (brave!) little toaster with bread in it. Can’t remember if I’ve already suggested it, but may I request this again?

  4. Two things. One: I preordered the book. I didn’t even need much time to think about it. I cannot wait to see what kind of awesome stuff you have stored in there! The second thing is a question: did you do anything for World Wide Knit In Public Day?? I’m curious to see what you did!

  5. Awesome that you preordered the book, SylverX! The release date is fast approaching, so soon you’ll have it in your hands.

    You know, I don’t think I did any knitting at all yesterday! Oh well, maybe next time.

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