Tiny House


He likes to tell people he’s a summer home, but his neighbor houses in Queens know better. (At least he’s not foreclosed!)

Amber was the first to suggest that I make a Tiny House back in July of last year, so she gets the free pattern this time!

12 thoughts on “Tiny House

  1. SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the tiny door nob!!!! how about a tiny skunk or a tiny bug like a katiydid, grasshopper, or rolly polly.

  2. I’m still waiting for the beluga! :D

    What about tiny alphabet blocks?

    LOVE the new website design ;).

  3. I love that tiny house!
    How about a tiny Prom Queen/King
    a tiny bowl of fruit
    a GIANT ant
    a mini ladybug
    a skull
    individual popcorn pieces
    or mini versions of some of your bigger patterns (mini mossy ground would look cool)

  4. Will these eventually show up as purchaseable patterns? :D the tiny things are awesome!!!

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