Work of Art on Bravo

Update: It looks like John will be reviewing Work of Art weekly on the A.V. Club! You can read all of his reviews here.

If you’re a fan of Project Runway-style reality shows, you might be interested in checking out tonight’s premiere of Work of Art, a new “creative challenge” show, on Bravo at 11 pm.


I’m pretty unsure how well an art-based competition show will work over the course of a season, but that’s part of what intrigues me about it. John reviewed it on the A.V. Club website, so you can see what he has to say before setting your DVR. (I caught a peek at the preview copy the other day as he was watching it, and thankfully the scary clown on an easel is not the best it has to offer.)

3 thoughts on “Work of Art on Bravo

  1. Damn! That looks really interesting. We must a different version of Bravo over here in Ireland as I can’t find it. Bug!

  2. I’ve never commented here before, but wanted to say that my cousin’s on that show! His name is Miles, you can see his picture if you click on “meet the artists” on the show page. I’m excited to see what happens. He and my uncle, who went with him for the shooting of the show, are under contract not to say anything about what happened, so I have to wait until the show to find out!

  3. Wow that’s so cool that Miles is your cousin! I think John mentioned in his review that Miles is one of his favorites among the artists. I hope he does well!

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