Itty-bitty Elephant

Remember my failed experiment with super-tiny knitting? This time I got it right!

Using lace-weight yarn (Shadow Tonal from Knit Picks) and size 000 (1.25 mm) needles….


I ended up with an itty-bitty elephant! He’s about half an inch tall, which is about half as big as the original Tiny Elephant.


Just look how HUGE Tiny Elephant looks now in this actual-size photo. (He is feeling just a tiny bit less special now.)


Once I had the right material and tools, the itty-bitty knitting was actually a breeze! I could only find the #000 needles in 8-inch length (I got my set online from Angelika’s Yarn Store)—at first I thought they would be awkward to use, but the needles balanced nicely in my hands, and the extra length seemed helpful for keeping the micro-stitches from slipping off the ends.

The hardest part was picking up stitches for the ears and feet. This can be tricky even when working in a larger scale, so I knew I just had to be very patient and keep trying until I got it right. It probably took a little less than twice as long to knit the itty-bitty guy than it took to knit the original Tiny version.

Give it a try if you have a little time, patience, and decent eyesight (or just a willingness to do a lot of squinting)!

21 thoughts on “Itty-bitty Elephant

  1. OMG, so adorable! I need to try this ASAP!

    Picking up stitches is always hard for me, so I use a crochet hook in addition. Could a tiny lace hook help?

  2. OMG! I had a hard enough time making the original tiny elephant. What a little cutie pie! You are a yarn magician:)

  3. what do you reckon your gauge (sts-per-inch) is with the Shadow laceweight and #000 needles?

    I’ve dabbled in tinny-tahny knitting recently and could’ve really used the craft-magnifier idea – I’ll get one and see how much easier it is! At my age, it’s not the hand-dexterity I lack, it’s the eyesight. ;~)

    ~ hb33 ~

  4. Wow!! That takes some skill, I doubt I can even make the original tiny elephant let alone his tiny twin :)

  5. holy wow! the tiny is mind blowing! i am glad to see they both know bob’s secret “hand” shake too… :D love!

  6. Anna, haha, “Just look how HUGE Tiny Elephant looks now ” – it’s hilarious! Tell Tiny I think he is still cute and tiny!

  7. That is incredibly tiny. I’ve been complaining about knitting with bulky stuff today — I think I need to knit something tiny very soon.

  8. So cute!! Itty Itty Bitty!! I just want to squish it, its so cute! Those 1.25mm knitting needles look like sewing needles! :) I love it!

  9. This is possible cuteness overload but I love it hahaha… OMG OMG can I request something?? I would love to see a mama quail followed by her tiny baby quails!! You have crazy skill!

  10. i am in l<3ve!you think something couldn't BE any cuter and then blammo- it's ubermini :D i have been wanting to get super tiny needles since Coraline came out- soon soon soon i will give this try.

  11. Anna,

    you definitely have more patience that I do. I still have half a lace weight shawl stashed somewhere in my closet, but I have no intention of ever returning to it!

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