Tiny Collection 3 Patterns are Coming Soon!

I was glad that yesterday’s little guessing game wasn’t over right as soon as it started, but it still didn’t take long for tess b to guess the four Tiny Things that will be in the next pattern collection. (Nice job, tess b!) Here they are, revealed!


These four patterns are some of my personal favorites from all of the Tinys that I’ve designed over the past year, so I’m excited to get the patterns out there for everyone to use. I chose these four to go together because of their sheer randomness (I love nonsensical groupings!) and the way that they each incorporate very different designs and techniques.

The pattern collection will be available in the Mochimochi Shop very soon!

10 thoughts on “Tiny Collection 3 Patterns are Coming Soon!

  1. Not sure if you have heard or not, there is a review (good things only, of course!) of your book in the September issue of Creative Knitting. :D

  2. Those tiny pancakes are incredible. Suddenly I’m wondering if there’s anywhere to purchase tiny skeins of yarn for such small projects :)

  3. purlingturtle – I’ve been thinking about putting together some kits for tiny things for a while! It’s something I hope to try out very soon. That said, a line of small skeins of yarn packaged specifically for Tiny knitting would be amazing. Maybe that’s a long-term goal!

  4. Oh, thanks for letting me know, Lizzy! I’ll have to track down a copy of Creative Knitting.

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