Tiny Toaster


This passive-aggressive appliance holds the toast in just a few seconds too long when he’s in a bad mood.

This was probably the hardest tiny thing to design yet! I had tried and failed before a while back, but after seeing it mentioned in the comments several times recently I just had to give it another go.

The very first person to suggest that I make a Tiny Toaster in the comments was Danielle, way back in July of last year. That means a free pattern for Danielle!

26 thoughts on “Tiny Toaster

  1. Very cute! and GOOD JOB!
    Does the toast come out?

    By the way, I finished to of your patterns from your book already. The instructions on how to attach limbs is amazing and a life saver!

  2. Yeah! I was thinking that it would be fun to have a tiny space station; it would be especially fun if it were a modular design so that the parts could be re-assembled into different types of space stations.

    Thanks for the tiny goodness!

  3. Oh I love this… I am always in awe when I come to your site. I wish I had this talent. Great work!

  4. you know a whole tiny breakfast would be so adorable.
    -tiny waffles
    -tiny bacon
    – tiny fruit loops in a ceral bowl- thats hard though lol.. my nephes would think thats hilarious.

    oh what about a tiny dogs series of all different type of dogs. I thought of this bc my dog loves bacon…. lol
    – tiny yorkie
    – tiny poodle
    – etc

  5. This is too cute! If there was a pattern released, I’d blow this little guy up and make him a housewarming gift!

  6. Awww that is the most adorable thing :) I love the catch phrase! My toast was a little too brown this morning :P

  7. This is terrific! I love the tiny toast, but I’ll admit that I was expecting tiny poptarts (that is what I thought it was until I noticed it was darker on the edges.

  8. you could always make the toast pink then it would be poptarts :) maybe you could make a tiny bagel

  9. I am new to the Mochimochi website, but this design and others instantly won me over. Thank you for making my day and putting a HUGE smile on my face.

  10. I can see how making the pockets for the toast could be a challenge! I am amazed at how real this looks!

  11. Hello from Pakistan

    I rarely leave comments at the blogs i visit BUT this gorgeous little toaster went straight to my heart. I cant wait for you to post a pattern for sale so that i can make one for my own. I would love to make one for my aunt who is suffering from cancer and who we have always teased about her boast that her old fashioned toaster has been with her 40 years and still works better than my multi toaster!!!! do hurry with that pattern. I am truely in awe of your talent.

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