Nipsey Thinks he’s Recyclable

Nipsey’s newest hangout is a bucket in the corner with all our recyclables.



We will try to remember not to throw him out with the cardboard!

6 thoughts on “Nipsey Thinks he’s Recyclable

  1. Awwww! :) At least he’s not in the trash – that would be a LOT less cute!

    Our new kitten, Lilah, thinks she’s a knitter. Whenever I’m knitting (or doing anything with yarn or string or thread), she grabs it with her paws and teeth and tangles it all up. I’m trying to teach her that yarn is a bad kitty toy, but she doesn’t believe me!

  2. Awwwwhh! <3 That's adorable. Why kitties like boxes still remains a big mystery to me.

    Ohhh… someone got a new food processor i see ;D (atleast I think thats what it is)

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