Sugar-Sweet TV Guy

I am drooling over this pastel TV Guy from Hello Maddy in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group!


I’m also finding myself studying that cupcake fabric to try to decide which one I want to eat. (The chocolate cake with yellow frosting seems to have my name written on it.)

The pattern for TV Guy can be found in Knitting Mochimochi. And remember to add your photos of Mochimochi toys to the Mochimochi Friends group pool—they will be automatically entered in the next Mochimochi Photo Contest!

3 thoughts on “Sugar-Sweet TV Guy

  1. Lol, I immediately noticed the small strand of yarn in the upper-right corner. Perhaps it’s a sign there’s a little mouse snacking on a few of those cupcakes?

    I agree, the chocolate cupcake with yellow frosting is the most delicious-looking.

  2. Oh my goodness meee! I cannot believe I have been featured! I am still a novice knitter, and this was the best thing I have made to date! I got the fabric from a cheap local haberdashery and orifginally intended for it to be used as the back of a cushion cover I had been knitting…it’s so cute I might have to buy more! x

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