Grassy Bench Yarn Bomb

I pretty much squealed when I spotted this on Ravelry the other day.


How cute is this! This is cute.


The mysterious Strickbombe knitter recently decorated this bench in Saarbrücken, Germany, with a snail made from my free pattern and mushrooms and grass of her own design. I want to live in a world where every public bench is curated by a knitter like this.

She has many more creative yarn bombs on her blog (including some fun with Tiny Perching Pigeons)!

6 thoughts on “Grassy Bench Yarn Bomb

  1. What happens to all the knitted objects people use for “yarn bombing”? Does someone end up taking them or do they sit there… fading away… (how sad)?

  2. It took less than a week to be taken down. No idea who by. About half of my tags are still up, but I’ve even taken one of the first ones down myself because it looked far to faded and dirty to make anyone smile anymore.

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