Pencils Ready?

So I guess it’s September! Summer always seems to slip by quickly, but this year’s record heats are making me less nostalgic than usual for sticky days. (Fingers crossed that today might just be the last of those!)

It’s back to school time for many, so why not kick off the season with some adorable Petite Pencils made from the pattern in Knitting Mochimochi?

From Greetingarts, Mr. Stubby and his friend look a little ambivalent about this pop quiz.


The pencil made by estars 100 thinks he’s found a clever way to avoid doing homework…


And cupcakefields’ no. 2 is getting right down to business on the first day of class.


I love all of these silly guys! Now I’m thinking I should have made a couple Petite Pencils for my friends who just started grad school. Maybe for midterms!

You can have your own photos of Mochimochi toys appear the gallery by adding them to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr.

By the way, we have a couple updates about this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest: Knit Picks will again be a sponsor with fabulous gift certificates for the winners (yay!), and John will also be traveling to Japan in a few days just to pick up some other cool prizes. (OK, so he’s not making the 13-hour flight just for the photo contest, but he promises to get some neat stuff in between his work at the Tokyo Game Show.)

It’s looking like the deadline for the contest will be November 1st—I’ll make an official announcement later, but until then, you can check out the guidelines for last year’s contest.

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