Tiny Banana Peel Hilarity

It turns out that a tiny knitted banana peel was ripe for all kinds of comedy—there were many hilarious captions among the 70-plus suggestions!

It was hard to choose just one, but the win goes to…


That’s what you’d call a slip-stitch…

Congrats, Juul! That means you get a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop.

Honorable mentions:

How to break out of comedy and be taken seriously as an actor!

“Bet no one else can do the splits as well as me!”

Just a moment ago I was giving a wonderful hug… Now? I feel kind of empty inside.

i’m more appealing than that mushy ol’ banana anyway!
(Kara S)

What a fruitless day I’ve had!
(Peg of Tilling)

I need to check my liability insurance!

Nice job, everyone!

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