Tiny Zombie


Winning caption from Elise:
Skeins… SKEINS…

Let’s do another caption contest for this guy! Leave your caption in the comments, and I’ll pick the cutest/funniest one on Monday. The winner gets a free PDF pattern!

68 thoughts on “Tiny Zombie

  1. Poor tiny zombie! He dreams of singing in a barbershop quartet with tiny ghost, tiny vampire and tiny alien, but he can barely muster a moan!

  2. He’d really rather not eat brains. A limb or two can be just as satisfying when chewed throroughly, preferably kittens.

  3. I is not hunrgry for brains. I is vegetarian. mmmm plants! i is famous zombie, me have me own video game, Plants vs. Zombies!

  4. Poor tiny zombie still hasnt had a lead role in a zombie movie. Cameras can’t zoom in for that much of a close up.

  5. many a night tiny zombie has dreamed of dancing in Thriller, but he can never make it into scare intensive dance class

  6. Shaun of the Dead comes to mind…

    “Just look at the face: it’s vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who’s lost a bet. “

  7. Watch out for this tiny zombie, you may just find him in your refrigerator drinking all your pickle juice. He’s just trying to be as scary as his big uncle Frankenstein though, so don’t be too hard on him!

  8. Tiny zombie loves to hang out with scientists because they have the biggest brains. And he’s just the right size to sneak under their lab doors.

  9. Next time you get a headache or you get too forgetful, beware it could be a miniature zombie that’s crawled into your ear at night. It could be eating your brainsssss!

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