An Incredible Opening Night!

Last night was just amazing. The opening went better than I could have imagined, with a fantastic crowd of good friends and other generally awesome people.


Thank you to everyone who came out! Thank you especially to everyone at gallery hanahou for making it happen: Koko, Azusa, Erika, Gabe, and Laura. And Cascade for supplying allll of the yarn that went into this installation!

I was thrilled that the show got some some great press, too!
Trust Your Style
Mr X Stitch
Pattern Pulp
The Village Voice
and others.

My installation will be up at gallery hanahou in NYC through October 29th, and more photos will appear here soon!

13 thoughts on “An Incredible Opening Night!

  1. Your show was seriously made of awesome! I passed the pictures around to my fellow knitwear designers this morning and they were all impressed (and giggling). It was also nice to finally get to meet you in person!

  2. I loved your install. I finally got my post written (because I’m slow). I really wish I could see it again. I feel like I might have missed something!

  3. Loved it! Seemed everyplace I looked I saw something else! Sad to miss the opening party but glad to have had the chance to see your work in person. So, where exactly are those ants going ; )

  4. Love it!! I’m so bummed I can’t be in New York. I’m sooooo looking forward to all the pics you are going to post. What do you have on the walls there?

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