November 4: Knitting Mochimochi Talk at Loops, Tulsa

loopslogoIf you’re in the Tulsa area, please join me on November 4th at Loops (the Utica Square location) for a talk! I’ll be there at 6-8 pm with the whole knitted cast from my book Knitting Mochimochi, and I’ll discuss how I came up with the designs, some toy knitting tips, and anything else you want to talk about. Brandi Simons, the local photographer who took all the photos from the book in the Tulsa area, will also be there.

There will also be a book and yarn giveaway, so mark your calendar!

5 thoughts on “November 4: Knitting Mochimochi Talk at Loops, Tulsa

  1. Are you going to be doing any type of book tour? That would be awesome. Also,are you planning on going to Rhinebeck this year? Thanks for the candy corn pattern, I love it!

  2. Not an official book tour, but I will be in Seattle in December, which I’m excited about. No Rhinebeck for me this year, but I would love to go sometime!

  3. i am so there!! Can’t wait to take another class when you have one here again.
    i am bringing my book to have it signed!


    I was just in there the other day thinking how I was hoping you’d come to Tulsa again before I leave next May!

    – Heather

  5. It was so nice to meet you! You are every bit as sweet and adorable as I’d pictured you and I’m excited to make something from the book!

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