Tiny Acorn

I was thinking today would be September 31st, but I’m happy to see that it’s October! (Someday I’ll learn how to read a calendar.) So let’s kick the month off right with an autumnal tiny thing.


Winning caption by Wendy:
Tiny acorn dreams of putting down roots in Paris, where his love of berets and Jerry Lewis will be appreciated.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be a tiny acorn? (Or a regular-size acorn, for that matter?) Leave your cute/funny caption suggestion in the comments! On Monday I’ll choose the winner, who will get a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop.

64 thoughts on “Tiny Acorn

  1. He usually tries to keep his emotions under control, but when he looks at all his Christmas knitting, he can feel a little NUTS.

  2. Being an acorn isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – Unless of course, you’re having a nutty day.

  3. people tell him about becoming a mighty oak, but Tiny Acorn just wants to be a Tiny Oak.

  4. Oh, he is the most adorable ever! I’m not feeling funny today but had to leave my happy response. Love this guy.

  5. She’s madly in love with a squirrel and nobody understands. A very nutty love story.

  6. One day, I will be an oak tree dropping the many acorns to the ground then there will be more oak trees like me…. Though I have to say, I’m just nervous about the squirrel part….

  7. This corny little fellow only has only one hobby-beret shopping. He thinks the squirrels would be impressed.

  8. ISO another nutty playmate to climb some trees with – squirrels need not apply.

  9. Could you maybe do a tiny squirrel? The put the tiny acorn in the tiny tree with the tiny squirrel and…yeah, I’m lame ;D

  10. How wonderful to be an acorn. Dropped from a great oak parent and then covered over with the leaves of that oak. Almost like a a mothers knit blanket. And then the little acorn takes root right next to it’s parent oak and becomes a tiny oak of it’s own. Kinda sweet.

  11. He just fell hard for that little hazelnut next door, but she’s just not ready to put down roots yet.

  12. When my tree put on it’s crazy autumn colors, I thought I should ‘leave’ for somewhere more down to earth.

  13. They call me a nut. They all put me down. But what they don’t know is, my cap is a crown.

  14. “I’m gonna jump!” said the tiny acorn…on the way down…”someday I will be as tall as a tree!”

  15. I am ze wee french ay-corn. I have ze wee leetle beret on my wee leeetle tête.

    (must be said in bad french accent)

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