Tiny Kangaroo

This may be the biggest Tiny yet!


Winning caption by Kate:
My joey doesn’t get out much…he’s a pouch potato!

So, what kind of baggage does a tiny kangaroo carry around with her, aside from an even tinier baby kangaroo? Leave your caption suggestion in the comments, and we’ll pick a winner (of a free PDF pattern from the
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) on Monday!

48 thoughts on “Tiny Kangaroo

  1. so cute!!

    she has a nagging sense of dread that not only will her baby never let go of her apron strings, but that her baby *is* her apron.

  2. I’m sure she carries her American Express card and a lollypop for that low sugar afternoon snack.

  3. Mama Roo, like all mothers, has a bit of mother guilt to deal with. Aside from her tiny Joey, she has some emotional baggage. There isn’t room for anything else in her pouch!

  4. she frets about many things and can’t talk to anybody about them since her joey is always there and she doesn’t want him to think she doesn’t love him. “does my joey make me look fat?” “I haven’t seen my toes in who-knows-how-long!” “my pouch is all stretched out!” and “what if he wants to move back in after college?!”

  5. My bf calls my chubby tummy kangaroo pouch! And, these days it becomes like pregnant kangaroo pouch!! :D

  6. Mama Kanga is thinking about getting a Namaste logo tattooed on her pouch to use for her knitting after little joey hops on out!

  7. When Mama Kanga was asked how long she thought she’d have to carry her baby, she replied with a smile, “As long as he needs.”

  8. “I’m not pregnant until my joey jumps in.”

    P.S: Monday is my B-day, are you able to knit a birthday cake for me? =^_^=


  9. Admired by the other mothers in her mommy group for being a devout baby wearer, Momma Kangaroo secretly fantasizes of pushing her little Joey in a stroller one day.

  10. With all the handkies, pens, combs, cash, pocketbook, her phone, lipstick and so on and so on that she carries in her pouch, RooMama wonders how she ever found room for her Joey!

  11. She of course has the Knitting Mochimochi book. Some yarn and needles. What else does a good Mummy Kangaroo do all day but knit for her little Roo.

  12. Joey: “Mama, I’d be a lot more comfortable if you took up macramé instead. These needles are jabbing me!

  13. “passport?”
    “Okay, we’re ready to go…and we don’t even have to check a bag.”

  14. It’s not a tiny kangaroo, it’s a shrunken woolly jumper.

    (well, someone had to do the obligatory woolly jumper joke ^_^ )

  15. Tiny Kangagroo wishes she could loose those extra pounds gained from her pregnancy so she can stop carrying double bagggage :-)

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