Mason-Dixon Doggie Wig

Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting got creative with her dog Olive’s Halloween costume this year, and if you have a copy of Knitting Mochimochi, the look might seem a little familiar to you…


That’s right, Kay based Olive’s “Lady Dogga” wig on the Beautiful Beehive from my Pigs with Wigs pattern! According to her blog post, it was quite a feat of engineering to make the wig stay perfectly perched on top of a roaming animal’s head. I am impressed! (It seems up for debate whether Olive was impressed, though.)

4 thoughts on “Mason-Dixon Doggie Wig

  1. Hmm. I feel kinda sorry for the dog. -_-; It must have been uncomfortable. Nice knitting job on the wig, but poor doggy!

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