Mochimochi Photo Contest ’10: The Big Vote!!

Update: The voting is now closed, and we’ll announce the winners very soon. Thank you for your votes!

The polls are now open for the final round in the 2010 Mochimochi Photo Contest! Using your 500+ comments on the semifinalist photos as a guide, we’ve narrowed the field of 20 semifinalists down to the final 10.

As always, you can vote for as many photos as you want: vote for your favorite three, top four, or more if you like! But choose wisely, because you only get to cast your ballot one time. (John will be watching the voting activity and keeping an eye out for ballot-box stuffing to make sure the final tally is fair.)

Simply check the box next to each photo you’d like to vote for. Then click the “Submit Your Votes!” button at the bottom of this post. Voting will be open through midnight on December 5th, then we’ll announce the winners on December 6th!

Update: Voting is now closed. The winners will be announced tomorrow (Monday). Thanks for all of your votes!

Nuclear Bed Bugs by DutchMoeder

Springing for an Upgrade by mariannes_stuff

An Evening with Harold & Betty by onna stick

Tums + Tubby by anilrac

Earl the Squirrel and Wally by cori.buchholz

Chaos of Snowmen by flightsofyarn

Rain Dance by cupcakefields

Bat in Flight by Eskimimi

Dust Bunnies Run Away! by kyoti

O’Feathers Meets With the Enemy by Deadly Knitshade

51 thoughts on “Mochimochi Photo Contest ’10: The Big Vote!!

  1. I truly can’t decide between Rain Dance, Harold & Betty, Tums+Tubby, and Nuclear Bed Bugs. They are all tied for favorite. Can I vote for 4????

  2. WOW!!! I am in love with Raindance!! Look at all the details! From the helping gnomes, to the gnomes covering their heads with leaves…I LOVE IT!!! I JUST VOTED AND RAINDANCE IT IS!! HOPE SHE WINS :)

  3. Not sure if I should point this out, but there was some sort of error when I was casting my vote. The page said:

    “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mochimochi/web/public/photocontest10/vote_action.php on line 43
    Mochimochi Photo Contest 2009

    Your ballot for the Mochimochi Photo Contest has been cast!

    You voted for the following photos:

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    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mochimochi/web/public/photocontest10/vote_action.php on line 98”

  4. Hi Izzy,

    I did some bug-hunting and found that those warnings only appear if you haven’t selected any photos to vote for when you click “Submit Your Votes.” (Notice under “You voted for the following photos” on the results page you got, there are no photos listed.) Indeed, I checked the voting log, and we did get an empty ballot right shortly before you posted this comment.

    I’ve fixed the bug that generated the warning, but I’m sure you just want to make sure your ballot gets cast. If you want to email your vote to, I’ll make sure your vote is counted!

  5. I love all of them, but I have to go with Tums + Tubby and Chaos of Snowmen! LOVE THEM BOTH SOOOOO MUCH!

  6. I hope rain dance wins! of course, every one of them looks great, but my favorite is rain dance!!

  7. Raindance is the best. It’s funny and looks very creative. It speaks louder than the others.

  8. The ideas and their execution of every entry are fantastic! I voted for Chaos and O’Feathers for their facial expressions, but I should have checked every box.

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