11 thoughts on “Tiny Camera

  1. heee! so cute!

    Tiny Camera, somehow I am having trouble focusing on what is in front of me. any advice?

  2. oh my gosh!!!!

    I just told my husband I need…NEED a new camera (like a digital slr) hehe
    he thinks I have a thing for cameras…and now he’s RIGHT.

    I must MUST make tiny camera! this tiny knitted things business is becoming an obsession. how much fun can this be???

    I just submitted my first tiny knits on flickr. I agree with the natural lighting tip. I never have any luck with fake lighting.

    any chance you will ever create tiny xbox accessories?? like a tiny controller ? i have xbox addicts at home!
    thanks for the fun!!! always.

  3. This camera makes sure to add ten pounds, so everyone else looks piggy too.

    PS: Good Luck all that entered!!!

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