Tiny Synth


Winning caption by Emma:
All he wanted was to be in the latest Kraftwerk tribute band – ‘Craft Work’!

Tiny synthesizers must have dreams of their own—what kind of band is this little guy hoping to form in his basement? Leave your caption in the comments, and the best one will win a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop on Monday!

We’ll also begin posting the honorable mentions from the photo contest on Monday, so stay tuned!

39 thoughts on “Tiny Synth

  1. It’s lonely being a one hit wonder!

    Tiny Synth dreams making it to the Big Band.

    This is adorable! my son loves instruments and thinks he’s a drummer!

    keep em coming!

  2. Never to small to play Pink Floyd or Keith Emerson…

    (Hubby is a keyboardist and plays both tooo cute! Hope you make the pattern available.)

  3. “I’m going to be the best miniature synthesizer an underground electronic musician will ever own- assuming, of course, that he is a mouse.”

    This is just to cute. I have so many keyboardist friends that would just love this as a keychain.

  4. “My dream is to change my name to the Power, and send ’em to the moon!”

    … Regular Show reference, sorry, couldn’t help it.

  5. Why do I get stuck with the talentless garage band? Why couldn’t I have been like my older brother? At least Dino knows what he’s doing…

  6. I’m a synthetic synthesizer, and yes, I dare you to say that ten times fast.

    More like Bringing Sexy Bach.

    …Bach to the Future

  7. He is going to form a really, REALLY, BAD band! (Also, this is not part of the comment, but it will be really bad because there is no music coming from the band!)

  8. This guy’s looking for some New Romance. Or failing that, any other 80s band willing to put some electricity back into his keyboard.

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